And our Favorite Super Bowl Ad Goes To…

Of all the ads to win our hearts during last night’s Superbowl who covets the smart thINKing prize this year?

One word: Google.

Google’s ” spot Parisian Love” had it all.  A fantastic “lede” that piqued our interest, sparked anticipation, an amazing yet practical story (that, smartly, also conveyed the Google story) and a memorable, heartfelt ending.  All without casting a single actor. We loved it!  Watch it below and judge for yourself.

Our other favorites broken down by quarter were:

  1. Snickers’ “Celebrity Sack”: Why? Because Betty White just works
  2. Budweiser’s “Bridge“: Creative, unexpected and memorable
  3. ETrade’s “Wolf Style” : Yes, expected. But they still made the room full of people I was with laugh out loud
  4. Audi’s “Crimes“: It’s funny with a moral. Issues can be important without consuming our lives.

And that’s a game called, folks.

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