Case Study – “Let us Entertwain You”: The Twitter Effect

Check out this case study by clicking here – “Let us Entertwain You”: Twitter Unleashes a World of Potential for the Entertainment Industry. This was written as a project for the Strategic Communications course I just completed at Columbia. Find me on Twitter at @cleverink. Pages-from-Entertwain

On October 11, 2009, Miley Cyrus declared she was quitting Twitter, shocking more than two million fans that were following the teen celebrity on the micro-blogging service (Twitter Counter). Within moments of her announcement, a flurry of “tweets” – updates in 140-characters or less – began surfacing worldwide, and throngs of disappointed fans took to the Internet and their PDAs to spread the news, many pleading with Miley to reconsider. By the time the mainstream media got wind of the story, thousands of updates had posted across the “Twitterverse,” scooping leading news outlets that make millions off of generating first run headlines.

Stories like these – from the US Airways flight that crashed into the Hudson to the plotted terrorist attacks on Mumbai – illustrate Twitter’s powerful, real-time updating features that are ushering the web-based service, being called the fastest growing Internet communications tool of today (nielsenwire, June 2009), past mainstream media to be first at the gate when it comes to disseminating news and pop culture gossip….(click here to download the Case Study and read more.)

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