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And our Favorite Super Bowl Ad Goes To…

Of all the ads to win our hearts during last night's Superbowl who covets the smart thINKing prize this year? One word: Google. Google's " spot Parisian Love" had it all.  A fantastic "lede" that piqued our interest, sparked anticipation, an amazing yet practical story (that, smartly, also conveyed the Google story) and a memorable, heartfelt ending.  All without casting a single actor. We loved it!  Watch it below and judge for yourself. Our other favorites broken down by quarter were:
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Superbowl Ad Preview: Bud Light’s “Clothing Drive”

To the layperson, Superbowl Sunday means beer, football and friends. But to us "creatives," it means all eyes on the prize - a.k.a. the commercials. Admittedly, we watch the game like freaks.  We savor every commercial in the same way those around us chow down on buffalo wings.  It's the cross we bear for being "clever." This week, I've been getting lots of forwards to sneak peeks of this year's ads. None have been funnier to me than this spot by Bud...
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