Wanna be FameUs?

“I’m gonna live forever; I’m gonna learn how to fly…”  FameLyrics we all remember from the 80’s, and the spirited message LG Mobile is banking on with its new ‘Get FameUs’ promotion.

In short, LG Mobile has partnered up with the team behind the soon-to-be-released remake of “Fame” to create a promotion that targets teens and tweens. The promo, which urges youth to submit their personal rendition of the film’s anthem theme song, is offering a chance at fame –  plus a booty of $50,000.

At the center of “Get FameUs is a dedicated website that serves as the point of entry and that also features exclusive film clips, production photos and plenty of viral opportunities to engage friends and family. Now you may be thinking, “Who cares? This is SO High School Musical.” But take a closer look. LG Mobile created this promotion using some pretty smart thINKing.

Most people today are obsessed with viral videos.  Honestly, can you say you’ve never stopped working to click on a link a friend sent of someone rocking it out on YouTube?  Think about the recent wedding processional video that became an international sensation, even making it onto a national morning show just days after their wedding. Today’s web tools are allowing people who would otherwise be unknown become known – and overnight.  Couple that with teens, the most invincible consumers today, to offer them a chance at fame, and you’re going to get attention.  Teens most valuable tech tools are their cell phones.  Recent reports show that approximately 79% of all teens (17 million) have a mobile device, and most of them are texting and sending photos multiple times each day. So why not tap into the tools they use most to build awareness – especially if that tool happens to be your core business.

Current social media sites and networks offer the unique ability to talk to A LOT of people at once but in a one-to-one type dialogue.  In essence, LG Mobile said let’s get as many teens as we can to submit their performance videos, and let them tell all of their friends and family to vote for them.  In the process, we’ll toss in the chance for a lucky few to win some great prizes, all the while making this key demographic fully aware of our line of cell phones, plans and technologies.  It’s like the old game telephone we played as a child tweenified.  And it’s the way many popular brands are targeting this demographic (just check out how many “Gleeks” are already enlisted on Twitter to support Fox’s new hit show “GLEE” after just two episodes have aired) to push, peddle and sell.

Behind the scenes, Get FameUs is a pretty clever way LG Mobile is going to get people to “remember their name”.

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