What We Do

Ink is what tells your story. It generates buzz, wins over customers and drives today’s most imaginative, dynamic campaigns. After all, if you’re asking someone to stop and listen, then you’d better have something pretty clever to say.

Whether your company needs clever PR, smart marketing tactics, a new look and feel, or bigger buzz, Clever, Ink delivers an integrated mix of communications tools that are both powerful and cost-effective. Services include:

connectionStrategic Marketing

Clever, Ink. offers strategic marketing planning services that concern your external and internal audiences, evaluate market share, examine distribution channels and current market presence and competitor analysis initiatives to help you make the right decision.

megaphonePublic Relations/Media Relations

Having garnered millions of reader impressions for our clients in the past, we know how to work with media, how to write to capture their attention and how to follow up to ensure your news makes headlines.

Advlightbulbertising & Graphic Design

Clever, Ink. understands that ultimately there’s no second chance to make first impressions. Need catchy headlines, engaging copy and imagery that draws the eye? Let us create cohesive advertising campaigns for your business that grab attention and don’t let go.

starBrand Identity

Whether you need a logo with impact or a full-scale identity package, Clever, Ink. creates marketing tools that have a long shelf life to ensure solutions that are both powerful and cost-effective.

partnershipsStrategic Partnerships

You’re known by the company you keep. Clever, Ink. works with your team to evaluate creative alliance opportunities that help align your brand with those that penetrate today’s marketplace. Let us work for you to gain a circle of friends that will leverage your brand and bolster your image.

documentCopywriting & Content

Ink is where it all begins. It’s where first impressions hatch and reputations prosper. So, if you’re going to tell your story, you’d better make it count. Clever, Ink. serves up the creative prose and wordplay you need to grab your customer’s attention.